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Welcome to the World Markets Community
There is a lot going on at World Markets

The World Markets' team (WM Community) is an assembled set of diverse entities and businesses that are members of a network focused upon first removing the many inhibitors that block approximately 57 million small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), small businesses, from participation in cross-border sales of the many wonderful and valuable products they produce.

The second task is to educate, encourage and entice these SMEs to utilize the services offered by the WM Community partners and affiliates to begin participating in selling products into the global market place….To offer thousands of products which will excite and fulfill the needs of resellers and consumers around the globe.

The third tasks is to provide everyone access to knowledge that can empower them with new and improved employer desired job skills... skills that can result in jobs... upward job mobility... and enhanced individual’s earning freely deliver skills training and employment enhancement knowledge… accessible by and through many media… in multiple languages… addressing a large selection of learning topics… this effort is also known as the “Helping Skills” project.

The final task is for the WM Community members and the SMEs to receive the financial rewards derived from developing and opening a new global trade market with a long term valuation of over $3 trillion and a gross annual sales forecast of $308 billion. From these results, investors in the WM Community will also enjoy financial rewards.

The WM Community is organized around three operating groups, each with a specific mission and purpose; all being to service the SMEs and those individuals who are seeking skilled jobs to lift themselves and their families to a better life.